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By: Stefanus Akim

Borneo Tribune Daily of rising in Pontianak-West Borneo, noting a new history in newspaper world in Pontianak. At Idul Fitri 1428 Hijiriah, what fall at, Saturday 13 October 2007 printing newspaper counted twenty five thousands sheet.

Newspaper so much will be allotted free of charge to society of West Borneo, in 14 sub-province/town.

Newspaper program free this of in order of to many society to reading giving. That the at found information and amusement entertainment so (newspaper other where day letter red of time) do note of publish. Head Editor of Borneo Tribune Daily, Haji Nur Iskandar, telling, program this of on going still will possibility.

According to him, Borneo Tribune Daily will become newspaper property of society. Later this newspaper will be allotted free of charge to society of West Borneo. So that them which do not can read their knowledge and newspaper increase.

Borneo Tribune Daily is managed by newspaper is young people of West Borneo which bother about growth of accurate information and science. He is founded by at 19 May 2007 then.

In this time newspaper which is its editor office have of address to in Road; Street Purnama Dalam No 2 Pontianak print newspaper among seven thousand till ten thousand sheet every day.

In Pontianak in this time, rising mean daily newspaper among one thousand till twelve thousand sheet every day. In daily newspaper history in Pontianak no one have published newspaper counted twenty five thousands sheet and later; then allotting it free of charge to throng.

A number of circle predict this daily newspaper will become biggest in Kalimantan West. One of the because of its enough grow on in society. Since first time emerge a lot of giving support morally. Moment of Launching first time at least three hundred expressing self become customers. That amount nowadays continue to increase. On the other side, earnings of advertisement facet also continue to grow and expand.

Many circle start to change over to read Borneo Tribune Daily. One of the its reason because its different presentation by letter other daily news exist in West Borneo in this time. Borneo Tribune Daily place education as one of the especial rubric. Is later; then followed by education, social, ordinary society, woman, political and miscellaneous.

This newspaper also the single in West Borneo providing one special page; yard for the problem of environment. Environmental rubric publish one week once on week. Meanwhile, on week is also published by special edition to one discussion. This special edition provide 8 page from 24 page.

Borneo Tribune Daily also have pledge rubric, that is Pandora. This rubric study cultural problem and life of social in West Borneo which is heterogeneous.

In West Borneo alone there are some tribe group. Its biggest its Dayak. Later then Malay, China, Bugis, Madura, Batak, Java, Arab and so on. That article will study culture and custom and also miscellaneous concerning tribe characteristic. In presentation of news, Borneo Tribune Daily use elocution. In some part use jurnalisme sastrawi (reporting narrative).*

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Anonymous said...

Do you think you are going to reach an international audience with such hardly understandable English? Sayangnya, karya anda dalam bahasa Indonesia rata-rata sangat menarik.

stefanus akim, said...

Terima kasih banyak...Namun alangkah lebih baiknya jika Anda berikan kritik dengan alamt yang jelas. Email atau Blog misalnya...bukan seperti ini...Siapa????


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