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Art and old is same civilization of him with existence of human being. Even since human being there is art, good of dance, paint and music also there are as according to ability of human being natural existence energy in this time.
Nowadays, in modern epoch of art studied even in formal schools till college. In Kalimantan West alone many youngster continuing college study in Java. Its Reason there is desire to develop fine art formally but nothing; there is no place of to accommodate the mentioned. versi Indonesia

"It is true during the time to learn art formally people of Kalimantan West have to defect island in Java. Though rich Earth Equator will believe in art but far drop behind from other area," word of T Aristo Marajuang.

Artistic worker of traditional music and dance of this Dayak confess concerned with condition of like this present moment. To learn formal art of its friends have to go to Java the core important in Yogyakarta. "Expense have costly and far, whereas why we do not make in Kalbar though very rich potency will be," Aristo which is chummy to be called by Oce.

According to Chief of Kreasi Instrumen Seni Borneo (KISBO), during the time many artistic worker in Kalbar. But very regrettably result of their kreasi of that goodness of dance art, artistic of paint, fine arts, drama and other still less is getting of appreciation.

"This problem which must be finished with between society, governmental and artistic worker," word ordered of best music deputize Kalbar in Jakarta year 2002 and also have also is same category menyabet in Sub-Province of Pontianak moment join with Gallery of Senggalang Burong.

Graduated this Faculty Social Science and Politics University of Tanjungpura notice society to now especially the rising generation do not leave area individuality. Where music art and existing dance now influenced by many modern music. "Please innovation with dance any kind of, music any kind of but don't leave good area characteristic of friends of worker artistic of Dayak and also Malay," message of him.

He see during the time there is no support of signifikan of government. Will all actor walk by self and work which do not promise. Again touch artistic campus problem, he hope can dig existing potency. Because earth of Borneo this is very rich of art.

This is formed by hence will move forward area. Unlikely of people of Kalbar continuous learn in Java, why here do not be made by cause here very competent. So that go forward as in Bali, Yogyakarta or Java," word he.

During the time many artistic worker which unemployed by government. For example in Cultural Garden or everywhere a lot do not get serious attention.

In comparison with actor in Java, actor West Borneo a long way off from attention. Whereas prosperity of them also don't be asked. "If artistic instructor problem of me feel do not become problem, because a lot have finished Artistic master Jakarta. Besides lecturer anyway do not have to master, because a lot can learnt is self-educated. Exactly ability of their kreasi very high and is valuable.

To share art to stay alive and is enthusiastic is he several times perform festival. For example music festival two colour, Dayak and Malay, artistic of July Tattoo 2006 in its Sintang birth place. Counted 23 that moment group attend and show its ability. Later similar activity will be performed by in Pontianak and of Sintang and also other sub-province which assumed is competent.

He notice, "Don't be artistic brought to religion and or politics. Come on indicate that West Borneo have three big tribe that is Dayak, Malay and Chinese. Come on always coalesce for appreciation in swan song and each culture to be moved forward. Artistic campus is area asset which must be taken care of and fought for, because culture and art is area identity," message of him.

According to note of JU Lontaan, in a its book of Customary Law and Mores of West Borneo (Hukum Adat dan Adat Istiadat Kalimantan Barat), rising of year 1975, Nation of Dayak in Kalbar divided pursuant to subs of ethnic spread over in all sub-province in provinsi.

Pursuant to Ethno Linguistics and characteristic of cultural motion dance Dayak in West Borneo become four is big. First, Kendayan or of Kanayatn Group: Dayak Bukit (Ahe), Banyuke, Lara, Darit, Belangin, Bakati' and others. its Spreading region in Sub-Province of Pontianak, Sub-Province Landak, Sub-Province of Bengkayang and its surroundings.

Both, Ribunic or of Jangkang Group: Dayak Ribun, Pandu, Pompakng, Lintang, Pangkodatn, Jangkang, Kembayan, Simpakng and others. its Spreading region in Sub-Province of Sanggau Kapuas, Hall of Balai Bekuak Sub-Province and its surroundings is. Third, Iban or of Ibanic: Dayak Iban and other small subs, Mualang, Ketungau, Kantuk, Sebaruk, Banyur, Tabun, Bugau, Undup, Saribas, Desa, Seberuang, etc etera. its Spreading region in Sub-Province of Sambas (Sajingan in frontier area), Sub-Province of Sanggau/Malenggang and its surroundings, Sub-Province of Sekadau (Belitang Hilir, Belitang Tengah, dan Belitang Hulu) Sub-Province of Sintang, Sub-Province of Kapuas Hulu; Serawak, Sabah and of Brunai Darusalam. Fourth, Tamanic Group: Taman, Tamambaloh and sub its is, Proof, etcetera. its Spreading region in Sub-Province of Kapuas Hulu;Upstream.

Besides divided according to linguistics ethno which is data according to its infinitude of him, still many again which not yet been identified, because disseminating and scattering and divided to become small ones tribe. For example Dayak in Sub-Province Ketapang, Persaguan area, Kendawangan, area of Kayong, Sandai, area of Krio, Aur Kuning, area of Manjau etcetera.

Later; Then Dayak area of Sambas, that is Dameo or of Damea, Sungkung area of Sambas and also of Bengkayang etcetera. Later; Then area of Sekadau up at Nanga Mahap and of Nanga Taman, Jawan, Jawai, Benawas, Kematu and others. Hereinafter Sub-Province of Melawi, among others Linoh, Nyangai, Ot Danum (enter group of Kalteng), Leboyan and its its. Later; Then Kapuas Hulu; Upstream among others: Suhaid or of Suaid, Beating With a Flail, Suruk, Punan, Bukat, Kayan (enter group of Kaltim), Manday etcetera.

Division of pursuant to very attractive ethnolinguistik to in study and strengthen pursuant to Observation, analysis, and field study.

Hence pursuant to biggest group is each group, dance Dayak in West Borneo, divided as follows: Group of Kendayan/group Kanayatn, until to Jangkang group, its dance motion have hard or lively characteristic, jerking, spastics, stakato. For The Sub-Province of the Sanggau Kapuas movement start to arise variation of, there is soft and there is hard also.

Influence dance from region of Kendayan Sub-Province group of Pontianak disseminate pursuant to wind eye direction in certain radius, to Sanggau Kapuas. This Matter because of Group of Kendayan/Kanayatn (Bukit/Ahe) live in Sub-Province of Pontianak, Landak, close to coastal town, like Pontianak, Mempawah etcetera representing entrance to hinterland, till can become filter. And so do earn its dance motion acculturation and influencing it, causing influence of absorbtion of culture which directly touch at its community.

This condition also according to Lontaan, philosophicly influenced by its hard society character. (because dealing with culture of urban), till influence social cultur in area artistry of its] dance. characteristic of Stakato and poundings more dominant at extremity, especially heel (Kendayan Group).

And so do line its music have rhythm which is have dynamics, hard, coherent. Although generally tribe of Dayak more is taking of object dance found on nature. Ibanik, start from sub-province of Sekadau, to Kapuas Hulu; Upstream and also group of Tamanik and of Dayak the other which living in area of Kapuas Hulu-Kalbar, having soft motion cirri, coherent, nimble, having motion emiting a stream of.

Dominant of visible motion characteristic at hip, crossed step foot, and characteristic move hand imitating many natural motion, birds, symmetrical characteristic (wake up) and unsimmetrical motion do not wake up do not too predominating despite of for the Dayak of Kapuas Hulu; Upstream. While its music instrument of good variatif of music of tetabuhan music and also of Sapek. Do not as hard as, and stakato like Sub-Province region of Pontianak to Sub-Province of Sanggau.

Motion marking dance group of Ibanic Group, start from Sub-Province of Sekadau until Kapuas Halu; Upstream not many acculturation or touch external dance motion (urban), because when immigration bringing external artistry arrive, they is and is filtered. of transformasi in region called on is first.

Newly later; then disseminate to other area and so do distinguish group motion of Kapuas Hulu other;Upstream, except Dayak Suaid (affect cultural gradation because influence entry of religion of Kristiani in the past) For the tribe of Dayak Kayan with its sub of its softer dance motion again and soft as according to its music accompaniment of him. And so do which living in Serawak and also of East Borneo, and clump tribe namely Dayak Kenyah. Dance Ngajat/Nyambut Temuai Datai Dayak Mualang (Ibanic Group) Sub-Province of Sekadau.

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